SpraJet pre-treatment System for DTG


Formulated to provide excellent image quality with vivid color
and strong wash durability And our pre-treating liquid creates
a whole of new dynamic for DTG printing world and gives
many possibilities in printing your graphic.
the pre-treating liquids for both white ink and other color ink
are available. Both liquids works well with inks for Epson,
Brother, Anajet and Dupont inks.

  • TLPC – Pre-treating liquid for CMYK ink (Light colored garment)
  • TKPC – Pre-treating liquid for white ink (Dark colored garment)

Process of Pre-coating

  1. 1) Press (10~20 sec, 140℃) on T-shirt
  2. 2) Pre-treat on T shirt with SpraJet
  3. 3) Press (40sec, 140℃) with parchment paper or teflon sheet
  4. 4) Garments are now ready to print with color or white inks

Applied on cotton, cotton blended, poly blended, viscose